Welcome to the official website for Splurch Academy for Disruptive Boys, a comic novel series for grades 2-6, from Grosset & Dunlap, by Julie Gardner Berry and Sally Faye Gardner.

Abbot and Costello meet Frankenstein in Detention.
The Ratbrain Fiasco

When Cody Mack wreaks havoc at school for the last time, his parents and principal send him to Splurch Academy, a boarding school run by sadistic teachers who are secretly monsters. Can Cody Mack avoid becoming "Midnight Snack?"

Curse of the Bizarro Beetle

With Cody’s archnemesis, Headmaster Farley, banished from the school, Cody should be celebrating . . . but something is bothering him, eating at him . . . literally gnawing on him. Dark forces are on the rise at Splurch Academy and Cody Mack isn’t sure which side of the battle he’s on.

The Colossal Fossil Freakout

Girls have invaded Splurch Academy, with a headmistress determined to take over the Academy. But an ancient menace from deep underground returns to settle old grudges, and Cody and friends are caught in the crossfire.

The Trouble with Squids

There’s a foul stench in the air at Splurch Academy. Something fishy is brewing in Archibald Farley’s evil laboratory, while hideous creatures lurk underground. Cody and his friends are up a creek without a paddle this time!