Sally Faye Gardner and Julie Gardner Berry are the fifth and seventh children in an upstate New York family of at least seven children. They grew up in rambling old houses filled with dogs, cats, rabbits, and kids. Sometimes the chickens and turkeys snuck in, too. That is not a joke. Sally spent her childhood trying to achieve invisibility, whereas Julie was always talking loud in hopes of being heard. They survived blizzardy winters and humid summers by playing nonstop cutthroat ping-pong. Sally, who now lives in New York with a naughty dog named Ivy, has, at various times, worked as a gas pumper, janitor, sign painter, meeting attendee, and email sender. Julie, who now lives in California with her husband, four sons, and two cats named Coco and Athena, has worked as a restaurant busboy, volleyball referee, cleaning lady, and seller of tight leather pants.